In recent years, the number of direct flights connecting Okinawa and
other countries has also increased, and access to all parts of Asia is also
good. In addition, the air network with various parts of Japan such as
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka is also substantial. Located at the south-
ernmost tip of Japan, Okinawa is blessed with a temperate climate
throughout the year and boasts one of the world’s most beautiful beach
resort areas. Also from the mild climate, there are abundant ingredients
including tropical fruits. There is also a characteristic that it has a history
that has cultivated an independent culture from the mainland Japan.


So many arts mixing the past and the present
The special hospitality in the best location

Uruma city is located on the east coast of the middle of Okinawa main island, consisting of Katsuren peninsula and 8 islands surrounded by the Pacific ocean. 4 of the islands are connected by the Kaichu Road bridge(means road inside the ocean). It is a very popular spot to visit by driving. “Uruma” means coral island and the name perfectly describes the areas beauty and abundance of nature. The white beaches spread under sheer cliffs, the brilliant pattern created by the coral and deep blue gradation in the water provide a breathtaking scenery that attracts visitor’s heart. The island you can visit by the Kaichu Road have unspoiled historic views of sugar cane fields, old houses which provide visitors with nostalgic memories and the time seems to go slow in this area. The Katsuren jo site, which is located on the hill with a 360 panoramic view is still a symbol of prosperity of this area. The architectural technique of impregnability which exemplifies the ancestor’s wisdom, and the castle wall with the graceful curves will give you an energy that you can especially feel at this world’s top historic site and that will be engraved on your heart.

伝統・豊かさ・美しさ 今なお感じられる英知と誇り