So many arts mixing the past and the present
The special hospitality in the best location

So many traditional arts have been born in this area. They have been a part of the culture that had a significant role
in the history of foreign trades and diplomacy and is still living within the people today.
The traditional Eisa Dance with its perfect order in the beautiful lines,
the Lion dance with its strong spirit and wildness to make wicked spirits go away with powerful Sanshin and drum sounds.
The modern art “Kimutaka, the noble spirit” is created based on the Ryukyu traditional art of Kumiodori.
This play is about Amawari who is the hero of Uruma, his life and his spirit,
played by local high school students powerfully and energetically. And more,
Ryukyu songs and many musicians who have roots here are born and raised in Uruma city.
The Katsuren jo castle site is a symbol of prosperity. We will provide the best hospitality
and entertainment of Uruma for all who visit this place.



The modern kumiodori(Okinawan musical theater), “The Amawari of Kimutaka”

“The Amawari of Kimutaka” is created for local Junior high and high schools students to develop their skills and to build strong local community, and is an “Okinawan Musical” which is based on the Ryukyu traditional art of Kumiodori with modern music and dance. This play is about the life of Amawari who is the tenth lord of the Katsuren Castle. The performance by local students attracts audience.



Eisa dance

In Uruma city, each area has its own Eisa dance that has been inherited, includes “Heshikiya Eisa” which is said to be an original place of Eisa dance, and “Yakena Eisa” which was selected as one of the best of 100 of scene of sound in Japan. Eisa dance varies from solemn and graceful to soul stirring and dynamic, you can find many kinds just in Uruma city.



Ryukyu Classic Dance

With the Okinawa specialty costume “Bingata” and dance gracefully, Ryukyu classic dance was performed as Classic dance in Ryukyu Kingdom era to entertain King from China. There are many other styles called Zatsuodori, which is composed and choreographed with local peoples life and thoughts, or contemporary “Sousaku Butou” which was born after war. Ryukyu have been entertaining guests from foreign country with their song and dance.



Minyou songs

Minyou is a song genre that has Sanshin sound with ordinary peoples life and thoughts. There are many genres such as love songs, life lessons and more. Uruma has made so many Minyou singers.



Shishi dog dance

It is said that Shishimai performed in each area in Okinawa is origin in China, and the performance as lion which is the king of the beast will make evil spirit go away and invites peaceful “Miroku” era and wish for rich harvest and create prosperity for the community.